Thursday, April 1, 2010

Phase 2

I gave up soda for Lent.  After failing about 20 times, I picked myself up for the 21st time...and didn't fall again.  Today is 3 weeks since I've had a soda. Yay me. So I'm considering that Phase 1 of "my year to get healthy".  Phase 2 will begin the day after Easter; it's 3-fold and will last for three weeks:

1) Drink more water. Surprisingly, even though all I drink now is water, I still don't drink enough.  I've found that I drink more when I'm eating.  And when I'm not eating, if I keep the water in a bottle with a sports cap on it, I drink more than if it's in a bottle with a regular cap or in a cup.  Weird, but it works for me.

2) Cut out sweets.  I think pastries will be my downfall, but I'm going to try my best.  I noticed when I cut out soda, that my intake of other sweets and sugars (and not the healthy kind from fruit) increased. I don't normally eat sweets (I heart carbs), so I was surprised when I actually wanted cake and ice cream and "oh look, there's a cheese danish for sale right beside the cash register, i think I'll buy it."  When I no longer crave them, I'll allow myself to have some occasionally.

3) Cut down on fast food and begin cooking more.  This is to prepare me for phase 3 when I completely cut out fast food.  But first I have to get back into the habit of meal planning and cooking every night and taking my lunch to work with me.

Okay, so we'll see how phase 2 does.  It goes from April 5-April 25.

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