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Publisher/Date Published: Publisher Name (1/1/11)
Format: traditional (# pages), audiobook (length), e-book

How I heard about this book:
How I got a copy:
Why I wanted to read it:

Intended Audience: Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adult
Genre: Too many to list

Parental Warnings
Language: strong, mild, no curse words used used sparingly, moderately, extensively
Sex Scenes: n/a mildly descriptive, explicit sex scenes (# of scenes)
Violence: strong, moderate, mild, no violent scenes depicted sparingly, moderately, extensively
  type: against women, war, etc.
(I'm not a prude, but excessive foul language, explicit sex scenes, and strong,brutal violence can alter my opinion)

Rating: Out of 5 stars

Point of View: 1st or 3rd person
1-3 sentences

First Line: (for fiction novels)

I will try my best to keep all reviews spoiler free, but please know that I don't consider sharing anything depicted in the first three chapters as spoilers.
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Character Development
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I'll list any reading challenges this book meets

My review system is little different from others. It's based on if I plan on rereading the book and if it's worth owning. (I reread my favorites multiple times). The books are based on my preferences alone. If I don't like a certain type of book (ie. horror), I won't read it. I promise to have completely read the book before reviewing it. Ratings are out of five stars. Anything given at least 3 stars is worth reading.

Typically, the first time I read/listen to a book, I've gotten it from the library.

For books I recommend...
  • 3 stars... I'm glad I read them, and I am better for it, but I'll probably never read it again.
  • 3-1/2 stars... I enjoyed this book and I'll probably reread it only 1-2 more times. I'll most likely check this book out from the library when I want to read it again.
  • 3-3/4 stars... I enjoyed this book and I'll probably reread it 1-2 more times. I'll probably buy a copy too. If it's mentioned in conversation, I'll recommend this book. I'll happily lend my copy for others to read.
  • 4 stars... I'll reread this book 2-4 times, and I want a copy for my library (preferably a hardcover). I'll actively recommend this book to others, and I'll lend my copy (although I'll keep tabs on it...I want it back).
  • 4-1/2 to 5 stars... An absolute favorite! I'll buy a copy (hardcover if available) because it will be reread many, many times. I'll actively, unsolicitedly recommend this book to others for many years. While I'll lend my copy to friends, it's a bit harder to do so because I covet these books. I'm more likely to tell them to buy a copy for themselves.
  • For my absolute favorite books, I also buy an audiobook version (if a good one is available).
For books I don't not recommend...

  • 2-1/2 stars... There are some books I'm not sorry I've read but they're also not books I feel must be read. I'm neutral. I'll forget them quickly.

For books I don't recommend...Heaven help us because there are books where I've had to decide between stopping reading or gouging my eyes out. Poorly written, badly edited, weak character development, unbelievable plot...the badness of these books will remain with me.

  • 1-1/2 to 2 stars... Some books I recover from more quickly than others. Sometimes these horrible books have a few redeeming qualities. I will finish the book, but I'll likely skim just to say I'm done.
  • 1 star... other books I have to pretend I've never head of. Reading it was a complete waste of my precious time. Time I will never get back. I will never admit to having tried to read this book. These are the only books I probably will not finish. My time is too precious.

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