Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Published in 2009 by Quirk Classics
Format: Softbound
How I got it: Bought it

(My copy of the book, complete with bandaids...Adler asked why the girl was hurt, so we made her better.)

Audience: Adults
Genre: Classics, Mash-Up, Action, Zombies,
Rating: 3 stars

The Bennet sisters, highly trained warriors, must battle the undead while dealing with relationships and their mother trying to marry them off.

First line: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.

Paranormal books aren't typically on my nightstand, but Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books, and this seemed like an interesting concept, so I bought a copy. Although zombie books aren't my normal read, I enjoyed this book, although I felt more could have been done. In the beginning, it seemed as if the author was only inserting bits and pieces of zombie fights and references to the Bennet girls being great warriors into Jane Austen's existing narrative. My complaint is not that her original work should not have been used (I'm glad it was), but that more of the author's writing should have been inserted. That being said, when there was more of Mr. Grahamme-Smith's own words, it sometimes appeared he was trying too hard to match the original language, and other times he didn't even try (i.e. I cannot imagine Jane Austen using the word "piss"). Of course, at other times the writing flowed smoothly between the two authors.

I admit that some changes needed to be made to fit the zombie/warrior theme, but these changes took some characters out of their original patterns of behavior rather than fitting the additional plot of the book to the already established characters. In addition, some changes not related to the zombie theme were made that were just confusing. A couple people were written (briefly) to have "loose morals" that just are not that way, and the whole Wickham/Lydia relationship once they left Brighton just left me confused. While I'm not a zombie person, this book could have used more zombies, more original writing. The one character transformation that took place was very funny.

Despite my complaints above, I enjoyed this book. I'm glad I read it. It made me laugh. Will I read it again? Maybe once more. My feelings after reading it? Honestly, it made me want to reread the original for the twentieth time. Do I recommend this book? Sure, as long as you're not an Austen purist (too many zombies) or a die-hard zombie lover (not enough zombies) -- a small understanding of both would be helpful though.

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A Few Favorite Quotes:
(112) The only harbinger of XX's unhappy fate was her ever-worsening penmanship. (The name of the unlucky person slowly turning into a zombie has been protected to prevent spoilers.)

(124) Elizabeth's courage did not fail her, even though she had been regaled with stories of Lady Catherine's accomplishments from the time she had been old enough to hold her first dagger. The mere stateliness of money or rank she could witness without trepidation, but the presence of a woman who had slain ninety dreadfuls with nothing more than a rain-soaked envelope was an intimidating prospect indeed.

(205) She remembered the lead ammunition in her pocket and offered it to him. "Your balls, Mr. Darcy?" He reached out and closed her hand around them, and offered, "They belong to you, Miss Bennet." Upon this, their colour changed, and they were forced to look away, lest they laugh.

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