Monday, September 20, 2010

Sammy Can Cook

Sammy, my 3yo nephew, has a picky appetite. Sometimes, even if it's food he likes, he won't eat it because of the mood he's in.

While I want to make food he'll eat, I don't want to be stuck eating chicken nuggets and spaghetti all the time. Plus I want to introduce him to new food, even if it never enters his mouth.

So I posted a question on Facebook and Twitter about tasty AND healthy meals that both kids and adults would enjoy. The most common response was (drumroll please)..."let me know what you find out". That doesn't help.

But I began thinking of how Sammy loves to help me cook (he asks to help), and how he tends to eat when he helps prepare what I'm asking him to eat (although this isn't always the case). I thought it would be fun to show a 5 min video of him helping me get dinner ready. Then I thought, "what if I share a video every week?"

So I'm thinking of starting a weekly vlog called "Sammy Can Cook". Maybe. I haven't completely sold myself the idea yet. But the seed has been planted.
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