Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In my effort to simplify, I'm s l o w l y going through the stuff in my house, giving away what can be reused as is, recycling what can be reused in a different form, and throwing away crap that should never be used again. I've found that I hold on to things so I can read them later or to remind me to do something later or to repair it later or to take it to Goodwill later or to organize it later. Later later later. I'm not liking this "later" pattern that's emerging. I knew I was a procrastinator, but it's worse than I thought. I have A LOT of stuff to go through.

I do this on twitter too. I favorite tweets to read later. I currently have 798 favorites. Seriously. I need to stop focusing on later. I need to follow up on my favorites and my to-do lists and my piles of papers to go through. I need to focus on now and, more importantly, the future.

I'm making my New Year's Resolution right now. It's early, but every day is a new day after all. It's never too early to make a change for the better. My new mantra is "I will take care of it now and I will follow through."

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