Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spike...through the years

One of my mother's cats died unexpectedly this afternoon. Whatever the cause, it came on suddenly. Within 24 hours of discovering he was sick, our sweet Spikey would leave us. Our pets are more than just animals. They're members of the family. We'll miss you Spike. 7/7/06 - 5/3/11

Spike was just minutes old

Katie (middle) "pinning down" her brothers, Spike (top) and Tater (bottom)

They had just started opening their eyes

Paparazzi again? Why must you take so many pictures of me?

He looks innocent...

He looks harmless...

...but this darling brought home lizards and birds for everyone. So thoughtful.

Spike and his brother Tater

I claim the top of the couch (and this cute lady reindeer) in the name of Spikey!

Our sweet boy

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