Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Draw the line and defend it

I saw a version of this on Facebook and loved it. I added/changed the last three lines, but the overall message is unchanged.

The Girl you just called fat? She's been starving herself & has lost over 30lbs.
The Boy you just called stupid? He has a learning disability & studies over 4hrs a night.
The Girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.
The Boy you just tripped? He's abused enough at home.
Every person has a story. 

Accept differences. Show kindness.
Zero tolerance for bullying.


  1. Love it. Gonna put it in my next post if you don't mind?????
    Like your vibe. Come check me out at www.mynewnormals.com

  2. Oh, and If you like it. Maybe I can make your MS friends blog list???

  3. Hi Nicole. Feel free to use it. It isn't mine, I just adapted it to better reflect my feelings.

    I'm glad you like my vibe -- it's pretty scattered as it isn't about anything in particular, unless "I" am considered something particular because it's all about things that are important to me and that I enjoy...reading, cooking, my family, MS, and whatever crosses my mind. Sometimes I'm really good at blogging, and other times (like the past month or so, it's neglected).

    I've added you to my MS friends. Welcome