Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Attempt to Make Bread Pudding

 A couple weekends ago, I attempted to make bread pudding for the very first time.  I tried out a recipe from My family enjoyed it, but I thought it was just all right. I think I had added too  much liquid.  Well, I don't think. I know. I've had bread pudding before, and it isn't supposed to be that liquidy...just an excuse for me to make it again.

I didn't have any day old bread, so I cut up half a french loaf and let it sit over night so it'd be dry enough to soak up the eggs, cream, and vanilla. The recipe calls for adding bananas, which I did, but I also made one with apples. The general consensus was that the apple one was better, but that could have been because the bread didn't have much texture to contrast with the softness of the bananas. But texture aside, I did like the flavor of the apple version better too.

The recipe has you cook the bananas and then place them between two layers of bread crumbs before you add the cream/egg/etc mixture. I'm not sure this step is really necessary. Next time I'm going to skip it and just mix the fruit and spices together with cubed bread. The liquid definitely needs to be added last. Next time I just won't add so much.

Without further ado, here are a few pictures I took. Don't laugh. It was my first attempt.

Mise en place (it's essential to have everything read BEFORE you start baking)

Apples going in the oven
Bananas going in the oven

Both bread puddings ready to be cooked

the finished banana bread pudding
(I later added a little whipped cream too)

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