Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Sammyisms

Sammy: Annie, can you hold me in your arms?
Me: ((heart melts))

Sammy: What are you listening to? 
Me: A story about boys in space (Ender's Game) 
Sammy: What!? Boys aren't "aposed" to be in space.

‎Sammy: Why do they make stores so big? 
Me: So they can sell lots of stuff 
Sammy: If they made just little stores, they can have just one thing.
Me: What one thing would they have?
Sammy: a toy
Me: What toy?
Sammy: A lego face

Out of the blue, Sammy asked: Why do people need pinkies?

‎Sammy: I like your shoes, Annie! 
Me: Thank you. 
Sammy: Why do they have sticks on the bottom?

Sammy: When I eat, I'm going to eat outside so I don't break your house, 'cause I'm going to get big like the 'Credible Hulk. He's SO big.

Sammy: Why is one a tooth but two is teeth? 
Me: Because two is more than one. It's plural. You change the word a little when it's more than one. 
Sammy: Two is a turtle?

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