Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'll Do Better In April

I'm gradually learning to prioritize writing to my blog (which I've been horrible keeping up with), reading other people's blogs (my ereader backlog is 500+ strong), catching up on twitter (I currently have 929 *favorites* that I want to read but haven't yet), plus read the books in my massive to-read pile while writing reviews on them so I can actually participate in the Book Challenges I've signed up for) and make sure I watch my favorite shows. I think if I have a schedule, I'll be able to squeeze all of these things into my already busy life. I need to prioritize. I promise to do better in April.

Speaking of books, check out this AWESOME stack of books I won from Maggie Stiefvater's blog! I've never won anything like this before, and I'm super excited to get them. About half of them are already on my to-read list. I posted this pic on Facebook, and I already have three people asking to borrow some. (I've found I AM THE LIBRARY for several of my friends.) I need to start keeping a list of who has which books, because I currently have five books lent out, and I'm pretty sure I only know where three (maybe four) of them are. I keep close track of my favorite books, but others just get lost in the shuffle.

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